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Karo Pauwels

Karo’s line and the colours that she uses are wild, fluid, often unexpected. Just like an invitation to connect oneself to the mystery of the living – animal, vegetal, human … to its magic… and to rest in it for a while.

Karo is a visual artist living and working in Brussels since 15 years. She studied graphic arts and narration in the ERG (school of graphic, plastic and visual arts in Brussels).

In her workshop, located in the surroundings of Brussel’s canal, Karo works on her own artistic approach and visual universe by designing graphic identities, painting mural frescoes, illustrating books, posters or creating illustrated performances …amongst many other projects…

Everything Karo creates is related to the vision she got when she was a little child: the part of Beauty and Poetry that lays in Everything and every little thing. It is this Beauty and Poetry that she tries to express through the various media that she uses.

What is important to her is to share wonder through her paintings, writings and drawings. Doing so, she creates a strong connection with every single person who receives her work.

Sharing and seeking the connection with people is a very strong dimension for Karo. She cultivates it in her other professional activity, yoga teacher.



Narration – illustration 

2007 – 2009


Modern Literature & Narration 

2001 – 2006

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San Francisco, CA

Dec 2019

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Los Angeles

Feb 2018

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